NEC Server & Storage

NEC Server & Storage

PROTEK offers one of the most comprehensive NEC server portfolios available today. NEC has proven expertise in server engineering and provides leadership technology in a variety of server designs to meet your needs. The NEC Express5800 series is a comprehensive portfolio of server products that realize optimized computing, whether in consolidated environments or distributed remote environments.

The NEC Express5800 server series helps to maximize business outcomes while reducing both the total cost of ownership and the carbon footprint of server operations.

Blade Servers
The NEC blade server system is designed to enable high-performance and space-saving simplifying your server management and maintenance.
SAN Storage

NEC’s SAN Storage arrays provide highly available and easily scalable storage for your SAN without sacrificing performance and flexibility

Fault Tolerant Servers

Fault tolerant Servers assure the continuous and ever-going operation of your business

Modular Servers
To minimize expense for data center operation, NEC offers the modular servers which provide the best performance per watt solution, high density mounting per rack, and simplified serviceability
Thin Client

US100c / US300c Thin Clients are able to provide rich PC-quality high-speed video and audio processing propelling virtual desktop technology. These Thin Clients incorporate leading-edge technologies from NEC and ServerEngines™ LLC

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